What We Do

We will take you on an exciting journey into the world of bespoke suiting, where every stitch is crafted with precision and full attention to create exclusive pieces tailored to your style and preferences. Let’s explore together the process that produces unparalleled custom clothing and discover how we transform fabric into unique and personal works of art. Enjoy and uncover the charm and wonders of bespoke suiting.

the process consult

1. Client Consultation

The initial step in the process entails scheduling a meeting with the client to thoroughly explore and understand their desires and preferences. This consultation serves as a crucial opportunity for the tailor to gain insights into the client’s style inclinations, specific requirements, and any unique details they wish to incorporate into the bespoke garment. 

2. Order Materials from Italy or England

2. Order Materials

2. Order Materials

The next step involves the procurement of premium materials to ensure the utmost quality. To achieve this standard, orders for high-quality, 100% natural fabrics will be placed directly with renowned suppliers in Italy, the UK, and Japan. Additionally, collaboration with Jakarta-based sources will contribute to a diverse and exceptional selection of materials, enriching the suit’s aesthetic and ensuring a global touch.

Pattern Making Process

3. Pattern Making

Upon the receipt of the ordered materials, the next step in the production process involves the meticulous creation of patterns, adhering to the predetermined design specifications. These patterns serve as the fundamental blueprint that guides the subsequent cutting and stitching processes. Through careful attention to detail and precision, the creation of these patterns ensures the accurate realization of the intended design, laying the groundwork for the seamless and efficient production of the final product.

4. Cutting Fabric

4. Cutting Fabric

Once the meticulous process of creating patterns is concluded, the subsequent step involves precision in fabric cutting based on the meticulously crafted templates. This critical phase requires careful attention to detail, as the accuracy of the cuts directly influences the final outcome of the garment.

5. Hand Sewing

5. Hand Sewing

The meticulous craft of creating a bespoke suit involves a manual and artful process skillfully executed by seasoned tailors. The hands-on approach in stitching a bespoke suit is paramount, as it enables these artisans to devote unparalleled attention to every intricate detail and finesse of the garment

The process raw fitting

6. First Fitting (Raw Fitting)

6. Fitting Pertama dengan Klien

After the stitching is completed, the suit will be first tested on the client during a fitting session. At this stage, the client will try on the suit to ensure that its size and shape are fitting to their body. This stage is the raw fitting stage, where the suiting process of the suit is still at 20% completion (no pockets and buttons yet). Therefore, many adjustments can still be made without compromising the suit’s cutting.

7. Dismantle and Modify According to the Latest Fitting

Following the outcomes of the initial fitting, the suit is slated for disassembly as part of the next phase in the suiting process. Detailed adjustments will be executed based on the notes and observations gathered during the raw fitting session, ensuring a precise and customized fit that aligns seamlessly with the wearer’s preferences and measurements. This meticulous approach underscores the commitment to achieving optimal comfort and style in the final tailored garment.

8. Sewing

8. Sewing

During this phase, the stitching procedure is seamlessly executed by a precision machine, meticulously incorporating the essential alterations determined in the Raw Fitting phase. At this advanced stage, the suit undergoes a transformative progression, achieving 90% completion. The seamless integration of machine craftsmanship ensures the precision and accuracy required for the final product, bringing the tailored garment closer to its ultimate form with each carefully executed stitch.

9. Pre Final

Prior to the conclusive phase, the legal action shall undergo a meticulous scrutiny to verify alignment with the client’s specifications. At this juncture, only the buttons and buttonholes remain absent.

10. Minor Alteration

10. Minor Alteration

10. Minor Alteration

During this phase, any remaining minor adjustments requested by the client are addressed, and necessary small changes are implemented. The focus is on refining the project to meet the client’s specific requirements and ensuring a seamless alignment with their expectations. This iterative process allows for meticulous fine-tuning, aiming to achieve the desired outcome and ultimate satisfaction of the client.

11. Final

After all the preceding steps have been completed and the bespoke suit has passed the final quality inspection, it will be delivered to the client as the finished product. This suit has been crafted according to the client’s specific desires and specifications, ensuring that they will have a unique and perfectly fitting suit.


Numerous clients continue to return for additional apparel following their initial personalized encounter at Henri Winata Bespoke. Whether you wish to repeat your previous order or explore a completely new ensemble, feel free to visit our studio. With your measurements and preferences already saved in our records, rest assured that achieving the perfect fit is hassle-free.

Bahan semi wool, seperti namanya, adalah campuran serat wool dengan serat sintetis atau serat lainnya. Bahan ini diciptakan dengan tujuan untuk memberikan kualitas yang mirip dengan wool asli namun dengan

Belakangan ini, permintaan akan jas dengan bahan linen semakin meningkat. Bahan ini dikenal memiliki karakteristik tertentu yang tidak ditemukan pada jas lainnya. Linen sendiri adalah kain yang terdiri dari serat-serat

Ketika membeli jas, ada banyak faktor yang perlu dipertimbangkan; yaitu pemilihan ukuran, gaya, dan jenis bahan menjadi beberapa yang paling penting. Meskipun ada banyak jenis bahan yang digunakan untuk membuat jas,

Our Teams

Henri Winata is proud to employ the best and brightest craftspeople and client managers on Savile Row. You’ll find that commissioning a bespoke garment begins with a conversation, but is a relationship that will last a lifetime. Our team is here to assist your every sartorial requirement, with specialists in equestrian wear, shooting wear and formal wear, as well as our dedicated ladies’ bespoke team.

The Client Managers

The first person you’ll meet on your bespoke journey is one of our knowledgeable Client Managers. The Henri Winata team have a passion for cloth and vast knowledge of all things tailoring, so you can trust you’re in good hands.

The Cutters

At Henri Winata we pride ourselves on having the most talented team of Cutters on Savile Row, and have not one, but two Head Cutters, as well as a dedicated Head Ladieswear Cutter.

The Tailors

Henri Winata tailors are the heart and soul of the business. You’ll find the most exquisite handwork and skilful craftsmanship in the workshops of 11 Savile Row

"We call it the art of bespoke, because commissioning a bespoke garment is not unlike commissioning a portrait. It's a physical representation of who you are; it's our job to make you look your very best."

-Dario Carnera, Huntsman Head Cutter